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Application. Edited.

Name: Harold Dirk Janse Jelencovich. Call me Hal.
Age: 18
Position you want in the Land Of Cupcakes: The chubby southern african ne'er-do-well who eats all the pastries.
What do you have to offer to us cupcakes?: My multilingual prowess and my realistic outlook on life.What makes your mods so cupcakealious?: I think they're quite a cheery bunch of people, as a matter of fact. - Because, you are.
At least one picture of your cupcakey goodness!

Bonus points for picking out a frosting color and sprinkles you want: I'm equal really. As long as it ain't poisonous, then we'll be whilsting dixie.
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So I get the feeling you were doing this as a joke and such, given that you are very anti-ratings communities and stuff - but we're about as far away from that as you can get. We have people apply, but it's just for fun and we let anyone in, anyways; we are a community centered around CUPCAKES, for God's sake. Not very serious or concerned about "ratings" and accepting/denying membership - we don't do anything really, anyways. Just a fun, silly community created rather spontaneously by a couple of friends.
And believe me, I detest most of those "rating community" stuff too.

But you're welcome in, accepted, all that jazz, if you'd like.

And if I completely read you wrong and that was all inaccurate, then...disregard that first part.

as another mod I'm adding my two cents.....
We accept everyone, we take nothing seriously, lighten up.
I think they're quite a cheery bunch of people, as a matter of fact. - Because, you are.

Besides, I'm only in this game for a giggle. I should have went with the more scene gang.

Feel free to delete this post, I feel like a bit of an arse for doing it.

A bit of afrikaans....

Ek hoop je allen 'n lekker week heb. (in other words: Have a fun week, folks)


Keep on eating those pastries.
not je...jy.

Sorry. It's early here.
Hell, it's good to see you folk have a sense of humour about my idiotic japing. *grin*

Besides, cup-cakes are grand, except it's way too early to be talking about pastry. *snickers*

Best of luck to you all and thanks for being good sports about my silly antics. I fear the rest of our number may not be as "game for a laugh" as you guys, but that's a scene kid thing, not a cupcake thing.

Have fun, folks.